Embedded GNU Radio running on Zynq/PlutoSDR

  • Gwenhael Goavec-Merou FEMTO-ST
  • Pierre-Yves Bourgeois FEMTO-ST
  • Jean-Michel Friedt


GNU Radio has been ported to the buildroot environment and hence can be run on any platform supported by this development framework, including the Zynq. We extend the frozen version of buildroot used by Analog Devices (2018.02) to the BR2_EXTERNAL mechanism allowing to use the latest release of buildroot and hence the latest added packages, including GNU Radio and associated packages to run on the Zynq as found on the PlutoSDR. We demonstrate running the demodulation scheme on the PlutoSDR itself, and streaming the resulting audio file, as well as providing custom FPGA bitstream for embedded RF frontend processing.

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GOAVEC-MEROU, Gwenhael; BOURGEOIS, Pierre-Yves; FRIEDT, Jean-Michel. Embedded GNU Radio running on Zynq/PlutoSDR. Proceedings of the GNU Radio Conference, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, jan. 2021. Available at: <https://pubs.gnuradio.org/index.php/grcon/article/view/92>. Date accessed: 18 oct. 2021.