A Backend for the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope

  • Paul Boven


The Dwingeloo Radio Telescope is a 25 m parabolic dish for radio astronomy in the Netherlands. The formal opening by H.M. Queen Juliana of theNetherlands was in 1956, and it was at that time the largest fully steerable parabolic dish in the world. For nearly 50 years it served as an astronomical instrument before being eclipsed by newer observatories, and it became disused in the ’90s.

In 2006 the foundation CAMRAS (C. A. Muller Radio-Astronomie Station), a group of volunteers, started with repairing and restoring the instrument. It received the status of ‘National Monument’ and a professional restoration of the outside was under-taken. All other parts of the telescope, e.g. receivers, antennas, engines and control system have been built by this group of amateurs.

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